Released | June 2014

Delivering unabashed pop music, enigmatically housed in a psychedelic package, Honor Angeles harmoniously progresses from dreamy, melancholic balladry to brazen dance-floor indulgence, effectively transcending genre. This phonic chameleon cites an eclectic & eccentric assembly of aural influences, listing Neil Young, Klaus Doldinger, Elliott Smith, Beck, Peggy Lee, Empire of the Sun & Dr. Dre amongst a broad and beautiful bunch. 

Honor Angeles' debut record, Little War was produced by AuPt  (the nom de guerre of Adam King & Dragonette's Joel Stouffer). The nostalgia-burdened single Come Back, already set free. Accompanied by promo in the form of a re-purposed film edit of Judith O'Dea (looking every bit Honor's doppelgänger), as she was in seen George A. Romero's Night Of The Living Dead, it is the sort of initiatory music video that not only epitomizes Honor's wistful disposition, but reminds us of the anxiety and fragility of love - sentiments that are inherent in the songwriting. 

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